Company Profile

Safety & Rescue (Asia) Limited - SRA, is a professional medical assistance company founded in Hong Kong, which has global network resources and provide 24/7 emergency medical assistance serivce. Since its established, SRA has accumulated a wealth of global medical assistance experience and successfully assists customers out of danger and protect their personal and property safe.

SRA is committed to provide timely, thoughtful, international and humane professional medical assistance services for domestic and foreign personnel with its comprehensive service capabilities, superb corporate operation management, excellent medical team and worldwide network. The scope of services covers medical consultation, medical expense cashless or guarantee, medical stretcher or air ambulance transportation, etc. In Guangzhou, SRA has a customer service and alarm center with a total more than 51 trilingual case coordinators, who are dedicated to serving customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are 16 cooperative general and specialist clinics in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Chengdu, Shenyang, Nanjing, Chongqing, Hong Kong and other places in China.Our 42 multilingual medical staff are standing by when requested.

SRA has repeatedly tailored exclusive medical assistance plans for customers according to specific situations. Over these years, SRA’s medical assistance service has been affirmed and appreciated by the majority of customers. We are also very proud and have repeatedly helped customers with excellent professional quality and strength in times of crisis. In response to the needs of customers and the market,SRA has expanded a number of services in recent years, such as medical tourism, international study tours, home assistance referral, roadside assistance and cost containment service, which have been welcomed and praised by customers.

Safety & Rescue (Asia) Limited

Four major Advantages

/ Global medical assistance network covering more than 200 countries and regions

Over ten years professional medical assistance experience, countless successful cases and rich experience in air and ground transportation

Escorted by professional multilingual medical staff to monitor the whole process  for safety consideration

24/7 medical assistance hotline standby throughout 365 days

Safety & Rescue (Asia) Limited

Mission and Vision

With the goal of multi-win, SRA is committed to provide innovative products and value-added services to jointly expand new markets. Provide customers with professional and innovative services including information technology, risk management, customer sales,service solutions and third-party management services. Dedicated to increase value, reduce risk and improve efficiency for customers. In addition, we provide customers with TPA services such as emergency medical assistance and cost containment. As the first comprehensive services provider based in China and North Asia, SRA provides customers with travel, emergency medical assistance, roadside assistance,home assistance refferal and related insurance value-added services.

In line with the development opportunities of insurance, medical and tourism industries,SRA is committed to become the most outstanding and internationally capable professional emergency medical assistance and medical service arrangement organization in China.

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