Zayden Wright

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This may sound impossible, but with the help of the Wishing Foundation Georgia Branch and TRICK 3D, the seven-year-old space explorer in Georgia "launched into space" in virtual reality (VR) and flew to Saturn. Unreal+Engine%2FblogAssets%2F2017%2FNOVEMBER+2017%2FZayden's+Wish%2F770_ZaydenMAW_2-770x433-4f9fa08f37962b044d5b109ad0bb30fedfae9d22.jpg Zayden Wright was diagnosed with congenital heart disease two days after his birth. For this reason, he underwent 38 echocardiography tests, 6 cardiac catheterization and 4 open heart operations. But all kinds of hardships did not stop the young astronaut's "whimsy". His ideas are really unconstrained. When the Georgia Branch of Wishing Foundation contacted Zayden and asked him what he wanted most in the world, he replied that he hoped to fly to outer space and visit Saturn in a red rocket. In order to realize this seemingly impossible wish, the Wishing Foundation Georgia Branch found TRICK 3D, which is headed by Chad Eikhoff, director and producer of "The Elf on the Shelf: An Elf's Story". TRICK 3D is a high-tech creative studio, which is mainly for enterprises and entertainment industry, creating imaginative immersive content. These outstanding abilities, coupled with Eikhoff's enthusiasm for creating creative children's content, make this studio the best choice to solve creative and technical problems and satisfy Zayden's wishes. The creative vision of this wish was set by Zayden himself. The seven-year-old boy vividly described in detail that his rocket was red, with countless stars, and met friendly green creatures. He greeted him with "Bee Bo! Bee Bo!” Director Chad Eikhoff referred to his description and began to turn Zayden's wish into reality with TRICK 3D's production team. "Zayden's unconstrained imagination drives the team to create a new production process to meet this challenge." Eikhoff said, "TRICK 3D team challenged the limits of unreal engine 4 and other advanced tools, and created a movie-like feeling for this wish. “ TRICK 3D team realized a lot of iterative development by using unreal engine 4, which helped them integrate the existing CG animation skills into the real-time immersive process. For example, unreal engine 4 enables the team to build a process to continuously evaluate animation in the virtual experience of VR full rendering. "As a director, compared with the preview and preview in the standard CG animation process, it is a major advantage to be able to observe the final scene at all times." Eikhoff said. Joining the technical and creative team of "Zayden Wish" are LeRoy Chiao, a former NASA astronaut, and volunteer teams from organizations such as Wishing Foundation Georgia and dobbins Air Force Base. These volunteers are affectionately known as "Zayden Squadron". It was their cooperation that enabled Zayden's VR to ascend into space and embark on a fantastic adventure. On May 1st, Zayden was launched from dobbins Air Force Base in marietta, Georgia, and flew to Saturn. To further prove Zayden's wish power, the Wishing Foundation recently awarded Georgia Branch and TRICK 3D the "Most Creative Wish of the Year" award, which recognized their breakthrough creative implementation, and "Zayden's Wish" was praised by the people of the whole country. "Zayden's wish inspires all of us to dare to imagine. He sets a high standard for using VR to instill hope and happiness." Eikhoff said, "VR has not yet found its own position, but thanks to Zayden, this is an opportunity to explore the potential of immersive animation and open a door for the future wishes that have not yet appeared."

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