Unreal engine helps medical research by going up one flight of stairs

2020-09-17 09:59:12 3

I have the honor to witness the excellent application of unreal engine in all walks of life, but everyone who knows me knows that what really opened my eyes was a case in Manchester, England. Imagine what it would be like to use the function of unreal engine to greatly improve and save lives, to contribute to the research and development of treatment programs for patients or drug abusers, and to make people suffering from diseases live in a better world. That's the mission of C4X Discovery. C4X Discovery uses the same technology we used to develop Fortress Night video game, aiming at developing drugs through the digital world and making a great impact on the real world. As an innovative leader dedicated to research, discovery and development in the medical field, C4X Discovery is exploring ways to discover and design new drugs, which may bring great influence to the medical field in the next few years. Although a new drug is usually a slow and fixed process from conception to market launch, C4X found that unreal engine is a perfect catalyst, which can open the way forward in a faster and more immersive way. Unreal+Engine%2Fblog%2Ftaking-pharmaceutical-discovery-to-the-next-level-in-unreal-engine%2FBlog-body-img1-1640x1000-9c1d8d59b89475593854674217ad9f75bbbaf947.jpg C4X Discovery found that unreal engine is the best tool for scientific visualization. "It takes about 10 to 12 years for a drug to be conceived from concept to market." Dr Craig Fox, chief scientist of C4X, said, "In the first two or three years, we worked at the forefront. Our idea was to produce new drugs and then authorize them to large pharmaceutical cooperative companies, and then they sold these drugs to the medical department." Using unreal engine to mix molecules Finding a drug that is effective for its intended use is no easy task, but it all comes from the shape and behavior of molecules. Dr Charles Blundell, founder and CTO of C4X, said that successfully matching the correct drug molecule with the target protein in human body is like finding a suitable partner. Unreal+Engine%2Fblog%2Ftaking-pharmaceutical-discovery-to-the-next-level-in-unreal-engine%2FBlog-body-img2-1640x1000-5596f4def0155b622a7a278dd55632eb4d9b592e.jpg C4X Discovery found that, compared with the traditional bat model, it is a great progress to interact with molecules and real attributes through virtual reality. He said, "The molecular shape must be just right to hold its partner, that is, the target protein, and they must move at the same time, in the same way and at the same speed. The 4Sight application we built inside unreal engine allows us to capture the complexity of this dance, so that our pharmacists can understand which choice to make and which goal is the next most worthwhile partner. " Phil Muwanga, head of software development at C4X, said that unreal engine contains all the tools needed by the team to build 4Sight, and its excellent support for the powerful functions of collocation engine makes it fully meet the needs of the company. Drug development 2.0 The original standard "stick model" cannot accurately reflect the true appearance and behavior of molecules, but with 3D tools such as 4Sight that support VR, scientists can observe molecules from a completely different perspective. Blundell explained that "[molecule] is like a charge distribution moving around in a space. Unreal engine provides us with a lot of new opportunities to present the same data, but the methods used are not thought of by pharmacists. Therefore, we can make new design decisions and let us develop new drugs. "

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