Real-time collaboration in VR brings disruptive changes to the design field

2020-09-17 09:58:20 3

Collaboration among engineers, designers and customers is an important link in the process of product design. If these people live in many places or even in different continents, the company will use file sharing and video conferencing to carry out remote collaboration. Although these tools are very useful, they can't replace the on-site meetings attended by all parties in person. The two companies have taken a big step forward in promoting remote collaboration, and achieved the collaboration effect that was only possible when everyone was in the same room. The combination of virtual reality headsets and real-time rendering will turn the future into reality, and engineers and designers who are far away can work in real time in the same virtual environment. Holodeck makes virtual collaboration a reality Even if you use NVIDIA Holodeck's demo video as a trailer for science fiction movies, it is understandable. Holodeck is a collaborative virtual reality environment with vivid pictures, which creates a sense of existence in the real world through visual, auditory and tactile feedback technologies. Unreal+Engine%2Fblog%2Freal-time-collaboration-in-vr-is-revolutionizing-design%2Fblog-body-img1-1640x1000-ebd948de766bb308e0da1636a85e1f503b50f125.jpg Promote the future development of BMW car design BMW has been at the forefront of design process innovation. Recently, BMW introduced a mixed reality system into the vehicle development process to help designers and engineers achieve collaboration. Unreal+Engine%2Fblog%2Freal-time-collaboration-in-vr-is-revolutionizing-design%2Fblog-body-img2-1640x1000-5ed710abe739e77b42f7882f4c27fe4386a0cefc.jpg BMW prototype with AR layer superimposed The system includes VR headsets, which can display the newly designed layers on the entity "interior". Users can also conduct virtual driving in the real-time updated and rendered 360-degree panoramic urban environment. With this system, engineers and designers can fully understand the driver's driving experience before the car is manufactured. For example, they can know in advance whether some control devices are difficult to use or to see from different viewing angles or seat positions. The realistic graphics of the system are calculated by unreal engine, and the display rate is 90 frames per second, which can provide a complete user experience.

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