Behind the scenes story: feet moving in VR mode

2020-09-17 09:57:37 3

3dRudder is a VR motion controller controlled by both feet. In VR mode, you can control the scene with both feet while sitting, and free your hands to select, customize or move objects. When we test UE4 plug-ins in various VR projects, including three mobile types supported by 3dRudder in VR and non-VR games (walk/run; Hover; Flying), we started to use unreal engine's VR mode. So we immediately thought that we could integrate this plug-in into the editor, and provide an innovative way of scene manipulation, which would further enhance the value of this excellent tool. Unreal+Engine%2FblogAssets%2F2017%2FNOVEMBER+2017%2F3DRudder+Blog%2F770_3DRudder_Pic1-770x516-087f401cd0390b531b5cb5e9925392c488269ef6.jpg At present, the way to move around the scene in VR mode is to push or pull the environment by hand, so why not use a method that allows users to move more naturally? The purpose of integrating 3dRudder into VR mode is to let developers: Move and hover intuitively in the scene, and easily use any viewing angle Can continue to work at the desk, do not have to go to a specific VR device point, and easily switch the editor and VR mode Not limited by room size Only manual controllers are needed to select, customize and move objects With the integration of VR mode, developers can not only use keyboard/mouse or XInput, but also use both feet to move in the standard UE4 editor. Integration of 3dRudder and VR Mode In order to integrate 3dRudder with VR Mode, we need to add specific code to the existing UE4 plug-in to handle VR Mode. Unreal+Engine%2FblogAssets%2F2017%2FNOVEMBER+2017%2F3DRudder+Blog%2F770_3DRudder_Pic2-770x236-d91357456ff4aef439f9e96660696a79d7e5dcac.jpg

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