Guarantee/Cashless Service of Medical Expense

Emergency Medical Assistance——Medical Expense Cashless and Guarantee Services

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Medical expenses cashless/guarantee and monitoring of medical conditions and billing during hospitalization.

When the customer is 160km away from his usual residence and requires hospitalization due to accidental injury or sudden illness, under the request of the customer, SRA’s doctor could communicate directly with the treationg doctor to understand and grasp the customer’s information at the first time and also follow up and evaluate the whole course of treatment.

According to the needs of treatment, SRA will make a scientific overall calculation and gradually increase the GOP payment amount. When the customer recovers, we will assist the customer to handle discharge, medical expense clearence, collect and review the claim documents, apply for the claim and other one-stop medical expense cashless or guarantee services.

Safety & Rescue (Asia) Limited

※  Service regulations

Object:Any business travelers and self-guided travelers


Process:After purchasing our emergency medical assistance services, customers can call SRA 24-Hour Hotline whenever they need. We will activate the service network in various places as soon as possible to provide customers with corresponding services until the customer’s difficulties are eliminated (Note : The specific service time depends on the distance and the content of the service project).


1. Coordination matters for medical evacuation and repatriation after treatment

In order to facilitate providing medical evacuation and other services after seeking medical treatment, customers should abide by the following agreements.

1.1  The customer or its designated agent shall provide the following information: name, address and contact number of the hospital or medical facility where the customer is receiving treatment; name, address and contact number of the treating doctor.

1.2  SRA’s medical assistance team or designated representatives have the right to visit customer’s treatment situations. SRA may stop providing medical assistance services when the customer refuses to visit without a valid reason.

1.3  SRA can decide whether it is appropriate for transportation and also the date and method of transportation, etc.

1.4  If the customer needs repatriation service, the unused flight/ferry ticket must be delivered to SRA or the cash generated from the refund will be used to compensate part of the return cost.

2. Proof file

Customer should assist SRA in obtaining relevant supporting documents and receipts for emergency medical assistance expenses in order to deal with related accounts and settlement of guarantee payments.

3. Legal liability

The hospitals, doctors, clinics and other similar professional institutions and personnel arranged by SRA as customers are independent service units and they bear legal responsibility for their actions. They are not employees, agents or service personnel of SRA and the unit is the undertaker/organization of services provided by SRA. SRA has the responsibility to first assume legal responsibility and obtain subrogation rights. Due to the actions of our employees, SRA shall bear legal responsibility.

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