Cost Containment

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Cost Containment

SRA is one of the excellent cost containment companies. Thanks to the close cooperation with institutions around the world, we can provide our customers with competitive medical expense control services.

The monitoring process of each case will first give a medical expense budget based on the corresponding treatment and medical diagnosis. In order to assist customers and insurance companies in cost containment and prevent unnecessary overhead costs, our cost containment team will regularly monitor treatment costs. At the end of the treatment, we will screen unreasonable medical expenses one by one, including but not limited to unnecessary testing, treatment, excessive charging and billing errors of repeated charges. By signing relevant agreements with medical institutions, we ensure that we provide customers with the best quality services at the most cost-effective prices. 

Safety & Rescue (Asia) Limited

Quality medical network selection

In recent years, SRA has established an extensive and high-quality medical resource network. We have a long-term and close cooperation relationship with every service provider in the global network. We are clear about the operation of each medical link and we maintain sincere and honest communication with our partners. The mature network that SRA has built around the world is the foundation of our award-winning medical cost containment plan and the ultimate guarantee for us to provide customers with high-value, high-transparency and high-quality services.

Service regulations

Object:  Those who go abroad and need to stay overseas for treatment due to accidents

Area:     Global

Process:After purchasing SRA's cost containmnet service, customers can call our 24-Hour Hotline whenever necessary to inform us of your hospital and treatment schedule. We will contact the local medical network as soon as possible to provide you with the best quality medical service plan and the most reasonable price.

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