Roadside Assistance

Safety & Rescue (Asia) Limited

24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance
If your car is immobilised on the road due to an accident or mechanical breakdown,please call our 24-Hour Hotline and we will provide you with emergency roadside repair assistance.

Safety & Rescue (Asia) Limited

24-Hour Towing Service
If your car cannot be repaired at the roadside following an accident or mechanical breakdown,we will arrange for your car to be towed to your repairer or to your home.

Safety & Rescue (Asia) Limited

Alternate Car
In the event of your car being:

1) Immobilised due to an accident which requires a repair exceeding 2 working days, or

2) Discovered stolen and not found within 48 hours.

We will arrange an alternate car service for you to transportation.

Safety & Rescue (Asia) Limited

Fuel delivery, boosting and tire replacement

In the event of your car being

1) Fuel is exhausted and cannot move forward,or

2) Battery is empty,or

3) Flat tire, etc.

If you cannot solve it at that time,SRA’s network rescue staff will provide services according to your needs until the car returns to normal state.

Safety & Rescue (Asia) Limited

Distress Relief Service
When your car rolls over or falls into a ditch during the driving and cannot solve it by itself, SRA will provide you with a 24-Hour crane distress rescue service.

Service regulations

Object:Private and self-driving car owners


Process:After purchasing SRA’s roadside assistance service, the customer can call our 24-Hour Hotline whenever necessary. We will record the customer’s needs, arrange a professional service provider to call the customer within 5 minutes.And the service personnel will arrive at the scene as soon as possible (specific arrival time depends on the distance from the customer's location and the required service time period. In the outer suburbs, the arrival time of the service staff from 2:00~8:00AM will be longer).

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